Durga Enterprise  

Brass parts and precision components, especially those products whose application in industries require adherence to close tolerances, must be manufactured with attention to detail, right from sourcing raw material to forming, shaping, die-casting, finishing etc.

Manufacturer and Exporter of Brass Gas Parts, Electronic Parts, Auto n auto electric, Spin Blade Inserts, Molding Nuts, Brass Nut bolts, Brass Forging, Brass Inserts / Moulding, Sockets Pin / Connector, Cable Gripper System.


Brass Gas Parts We manufacturer Brass Gas Parts like Flare Female Elbow, Single Barb Elbow, Compressor Female Elbow, Equal T, Compressor Male Brand -T, Compressor Union T.

  • Flare Female Elbow
  • Single Barb Elbow
  • Compressor Female Elbow
  • Equal T
  • Compressor Male Brand -T
  • Compressor Union T

Brass Gas Parts